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Business English Accelerator
Upper Intermediate B2 Level

Learn key business skills, such as taking part in meetings, or giving presentations.


English skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

About the Course


This is an ongoing course with continuous enrolment. You may join at any time as part of a monthly subscription package. Start with a 1 week free trial!


  • Tuesday     10:00 - 11:00 GMT

  • Thursday   10:00 - 11:00 GMT


  • 12 people


  • Live online in our Zoom classroom.

  • Learners will have access to a video recording of each session after it has ended.

PLUS FREE CLASSES (Included with Business English Accelerator)

  • Speaking and Conversation Practice

Friday     10:00-11:00 GMT

  • Poetry and Pronunciation

Friday     11:30-12:30 GMT

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What is Business English?

  • Although Business English is sometimes used to the describe specialist language used in sectors such as I.T. or Finance, at Anglo Pass the term refers to those language skills required for effective communication within any English-speaking organisation.

  • No matter what that organisation does, nor where it is based, its employees, team leaders and departmental heads all need a solid command of English to do things such us take part in meetings; to analyse and evaluate data; to disagree politely; to deliver talks and presentations effectively; or to manage people and change.

  • Put simply, if you work in an English-speaking organisation, and aspire to advance within it, then Business English training is now an essential, non-negotiable part of your professional development.

  • Our Business English Accelerator course has been developed in order to equip ambitious people with the communication skills they need to work effectively in English, and to advance their careers.

Why has Business English become so important?
  • English is now the most widely spoken language in human history.

  • How exactly one measures the total number of ‘English speakers’ depends on what is meant by that term, but current (2024), broad estimates put the number at somewhere between 1.5 and 2 billion people globally. 

  • Nowhere has this trend had a greater impact than in the realm of business, especially for multi-nationals, much of whose operational effectiveness depends on instant, global communication, and many of whom have now adopted English as their working language.

  • Business English skills (and general English skills) are now vital to access career opportunities both overseas and in multinational companies in your home country.

What are the benefits of taking the Business English Accelerator Course with us here at Anglo Pass?
  • On the Business English Accelerator programme, you will learn all the skills you need to communicate effectively in the global workplace.

  • You will have the opportunity to practise real life business situations with other students in our live online classroom.

  • You will be able to learn with highly qualified teachers who also have real business experience.

  • You will also be able to access free weekly classes such as Speaking & Conversation, and Poetry & Pronunciation, in addition to a wealth of free learning resources on the Anglo Pass website.

  • To study intensively, you may also combine a Business English course with one of our general English courses, such Cambridge B2 First or Cambridge C1 Advanced.

  • Join us today on the Business English Accelerator course to open doors for career advancement and promotion.

  • Anglo Pass. Your Passport to Global English Success.

Who do we teach at Anglo Pass?

If you work in an English-speaking environment, then we are entirely confident you will benefit from taking our Business Accelerator course. Former students have joined us from the following sectors:

  • Aviation

  • Construction

  • Design 

  • Engineering

  • Financial Services

  • I.T. Services

  • Insurance

  • Legal 

  • Logistics

  • Oil and Gas

  • Recruitment 

  • Shipping

  • Telecoms






  • Live online teaching

  • Learning materials on the website

  • Free weekly poetry and pronunciation class


You should have English at a minimum of B1 level before joining the B2 Business English course.

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Tom Lockhart

My names is Tom. Welcome to Anglo Pass, the online school where take your English skills to the next level. Our mission is to train you for English tests which will enable you to move forward in Employment and Education. 

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